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SEO Services

Basic SEO Services

Basic SEO Services is one of the SEO service package that Viet Seo professional website provided. Basic SEO is a necessary step before you perform SEO work to boost keyword rankings (keywords) on the search results page. To get high rankings on search results pages, it is necessary first of all you need a website to satisfy the criteria that providers offer search services.

The basic SEO work is largely related to technical matters for SEO. Here are the main tasks that Viet Seo will make to your website:

  • Edit the friendly URL.
  • Edit the title tag (title), the meta tags in SEO applications.
  • Perform the Rich Snippets if necessary. Rich Snippets of information are more visible on the search results pages of Google to lure users to click on your result.
  • Website speed optimization.
  • Submit your website to the search engines.
  • Create XML Sitemap to the spider can reach your website content better.
  • Optimizing the HTML tag by criteria SEO.

Edit technical errors affecting the spider can not crawl your website.
Your benefits when using basic SEO services
After Viet Seo implement basic SEO for you, here's what you get:

  • You'll get a website compatible with search engines.
  • Your website can get high rankings for some less competitive keywords. This also means that your website will be a traffic increase.
  • Your website will become more friendly to users. Because most of the criteria that providers offer search services are also aimed at giving users the best results, the quality and professional website.
  • Cost savings later on when you want to push some of the keywords and key strategies.

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