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Your website design should not?

If your website encountered any problems on SEO as above, then you need to implement a redesign; That brings the potential revenue for you.

You may have a beautiful website with the successful design, but are not taking into account the principles of search engine optimization (SEO) or an old website, works well, telling people about the company but your content loads slowly and less updated. In these cases you need to redesign your website.

Both the 2 sites will "struggle" to win traffic. Well-designed website can win traffic, especially those who directly access the page, but for those who use the keyword search product and your services are not able to find out it.

One older sites with outdated content will also fail because the search engine that it does not exist or has stopped working (due to lack of news). 2 Both sites have a huge traffic and increased profitability in the business, but without SEO, it will reduce some of the revenue can.

Need to redesign elements on a website?

All Flash

Despite significant advances in technology and our Search Engine started reading some flash, a full-flash site contains can not be indexed by Search Engines. The website is very nice, but the search engines will not rank them higher because this content can not be read. So the big companies that rank highly which contains the full flash site, why? These sites have a high degree of linking their content flash content probably does not cause any problems, if you are not a big company, a website containing all the flash will not be good.


The frame on the website will make the search engines have trouble indexing pages. Moreover the visitors also often not very popular this frame by making it hard to read and is not impressed with your website. Some browsers do not support frames also make the prospect completely illegible your site.

The Splash page

The designers use splash pages to create visual impact to visitors. Imagine that the whole webpage like animations lively pages. Impressive. Unfortunately, according to SEO point of view, they're terrible. Generally, the splash page that contains little or no text content and no links but both contain the flash page and other software. This makes the Search Engine ranking is still difficult for ban.Vi website so you can impress all your splash page, but they do a lot of potential customers, "rejecting" your site.

slow downloads

Often a slow loading website hinders both visitors and search engines. Since visitors are not patient enough to wait for pages to load and most search engines are ranking for faster loading page is a slow loading page. So you need a replacement if the page on your website loads slowly.

Content outdated

First, the search engine will be completely unaware of this kind of website if it does not exist. Previously it could still be accepted even without the monthly content updates, but this time it will be ignored if the content is not updated regularly. By old content will not attract your visitors.

If your website encountered any problems on SEO as above, then you need to implement a redesign; That brings the potential revenue for you.

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