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To build a perfect website

Your site was pretty much known buyers, but how to turn ordinary customers into potential customers? If you want to turn ordinary shoppers into potential customers, the following tips will help you keep and create important customers for your business.

1. Set up a leading content:

Please take a few minutes to think about the importance of having to update website content. If your Web site about the real estate business, make sure your customers expect to receive new information about the real estate market. Customers will be impressed by the new news transmitted a xuyen.Con basis if you are selling screws and screws do not need to be updated as frequently as other business forms.

If your site does not need to change the content, please write about your own company. Web content you want to focus on the strengths and advantages of the services and your products? Here are a few ways that you can apply:

* Your products help customers save time.
* Your products help customers save money
* These useful applications for your product

There may be people who will say "I'm a business, not a writer". According to me, why do not you try it, right? You will be surprised. If your writing is not clear and deep as a professional, the enthusiasm for the product will be really helpful for your business.

Here are some very useful resources if you consulted on the website:

* Elance (http://www.elance.com/)
* Sunoasis Jobs (http://www.sunoasis.com/)
* Marketingtool.com (http://www.marketingtool.com/)

2. Double-check the contents

Remember that when we talk about content, we are not just talking about the words on the page. We're talking about words, images, links, logos and e-mail address.

Check back all the links. If links to your site meets the needs of customers, you have to find out if customers have comfortable access to their card on your site? Also, check the content and your images will be how much time. If more than 10 seconds to take a picture of the product, then perhaps you will lose customers because of the large volume of images.

3. Develop suggestion box

A proven fact that the more customers you have comments on the site how much better they feel comfortable and pleasant they were. The more they feel how much more they will buy more goods and more attention to you. Here are three ways you can get feedback from customers.

- Settings an online suggestion box: This is a most effective way to give your customers feedback and pay attention to the product and your service. Let them take the comments and suggestions about the products that they have used. Criticism is a motivation to improve the product and the remarks or criticisms of this is the tendency to use the product on the market.

- Hold contests: Ask your customers give the reasons why they like your products while also offering monthly prizes for weekly winners. This award is not only a way for customers to have the reaction product but also a way for you to collect the customer's advice about the product or service to have improved goods or services so that your service better.

- Conducting surveys online: They can express an opinion about the business and through which you will draw a lot of experience and understanding of customer preferences.

4. Listen, learn and draw lessons

There are several effective ways to evaluate the success of your efforts. If for any reason that people do not visit your site every week then you must change the appropriate content to attract customers. Online suggestion box that you set is also a good way to know the opinions of customers on your content. If no one commented on the "Monthly News" then perhaps there would be no added value to relay to you at the beginning of each month to work better.

There is an innovative content does not mean that only those entitled innovation on the homepage news that monitor carefully to both content and always raises the question "whether this content can help for my sales job lot? ". If the answer is yes then you are on the right track already.

Please keep in mind that an online product marketing means: your website is the only means for customers to contact you. Content that you transmit to the site will tell the size and caliber of the company you're operating. An appropriate information and updates will inspire trust in your company to customers, enabling them to access your site more often. And this is directly proportional to the profit that the customer gives you!

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