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Web Marketing

Website Promotion Technique business marketing is one of the essential activities of the business as it helps close the gap between business and customers. With the advent of the Internet, to promote their business on the web is a new form, but can provide highly effective and popular because of its low cost.

Take a simple example, if you advertise on the Internet, users all over the world and in countries which are known, whereas if broadcast on the regular newspaper, the scope will be narrowed so much if limited budget. Broadcast on the Internet can take many forms, or is paying for the site that many people access to the information placed there, either manually set up your website and promote it through the search engines.

In the second way, you do not have to spend money, but to the search engines can "see" and ranks your site higher up (synonymous with the opportunity to be more people interested, income from advertising will increase), you need to know some tricks.

1. Register the site with search engines

To your site in the results returned by a search engine, first it has to be part of the collection of information search engines "see". Since there are so many new sites launched and updated on the Internet, in addition to this department, "see", and to ensure it collects information from your website as soon as possible.

There are many ways to help the search engines "see", the simplest is to register the site in web directories like ODP (Open Directory Project) or is using Google webmaster tool. With the use of Google webmaster tool, you will be assured that your site will be Google collect information regularly.

2. Highlight the relevant keywords in the title and description of the site

When looking for information on the Internet through search engines, users often use keywords. For example, if you want to buy a washing machine, they will type the word "washing machine" into the search box. If your company trading commodities, you need to "inform" the search engines know that it can put your company's website in the list of results returned to users.

The easiest way to tell the search engines know this is to put a list of relevant keywords in your website. The two most common location is the title and site description. This procedure is simple but not at the site have not noticed.

3. Increase rankings

With each search request of the user, search engines can find a lot of sites to be appropriate. To have the opportunity to interested users, your site should be ranked highly in the results returned (generally in the top 10 or 20 - is equivalent to the first page of search results) .

To rank the site, the search engines are now using universal criteria (popularity). Its universality consists of two parts, the first part is the number of pages that link to your site, and the second is the quality of the link to your page.

The site is the prominent link to your site must require a high quality, which can only be achieved over the long term. The easiest way is to target on the number of sites that link to your site first. To do this, personal blog is a logical choice. Once your blog has an article on certain hot topics, it will be easy to get people interested, and thereby put the link to.

Speaking briefly, the tips above includes steps: first, to provide information for search engines to ensure your information is in the database of a search engine; Second, highlight your features to search engines can take your website to the list match the search requests of users; and the third is increasing rank order to ensure your site is user selected in the first list of search engine returns.

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