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Duplicate Content in Web Promotion

If you're doing SEO in any way, perhaps you've heard of duplicate content. If you're not sure exactly what it is and it affects your SEO efforts, then this article is for you. This topic can be said purely technical and has some advanced features, but I'll try to keep it basic and will not use technical details here.

What is duplicate content?

In the basic sense, duplicate content is when two or more sites with the same content on their sites. This is not just the same subject or title, which may be the same article of the sentence, the words, the presentation.

This can happen for several reasons. You could have written an article and another site or blog picked up and reposted articles.

The situation is that you can have multiple sites with different domains but similar content. This is sometimes true for sites in different countries. Sometimes there are legitimate reasons to have the same content. Still, it's good to understand the pitfalls.

Why is duplicate content issues?

The goal of search engines is to provide the best value for a term or phrase to search for in advance. If users find too many similar sites, they will be very frustrated.

The intent of the search engines is to avoid this, serving many of the exact same site in the search results. Therefore, creating confusion for people looking for and offering a wide range of search results similar resources will harm the search engines and take time users. So the search engines try to filter all the duplicate content and choose one based on certain criteria.

The problem is that your site may be in jeopardy because it has duplicate content with another page (which in Vietnam is very much). There is speculation about a penalty for duplicate content, but I do not think it's a lot of penalties as missing a chance to show up in the SERPs.

How Search Engines find duplicate content

Search engines send a bot or programs to surfing the Internet and collect all the content it finds. This content is indexed and put into a database.

In this process, the contents are compared to other duplicate content. Then, an attempt was made to determine the original. Some clues to help it decide are:

    Most reliable domain name - ie older domain name, the domain name is authentic, good domain name has long been a priority when there are multiple overlapping web content.
    There are links on one point back an original?
    Or website that has the most links pointing to?
    What is the first Web Google find content? (This will be very beneficial to the electronic media or websites more accessible. Because sometimes, a baby website write 1 post, 2 days the new Google index, but one big site copy, only 1 minute later Google has indexed. so obviously benefit large website, whether it's new guys Copy.
    Is there any content seems to have been "shaved" or repair?

What You Can Do to Avoid Duplicate Content:

    You should write what you think, or refer to other people. But you have to write, because if Copy, though only one paragraph, as well as duplicate content remains.
    Your website content should be updated daily. More preferably every hour, every minute. This will advantage whereby after Google index your website as soon as you just post.
    Under the article, you add the line: "Please put the link back to this post if you want to copy to your web.

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