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8 reasons not to flash web design

Flash arose as a movement in a very short time period and then obediently withdrew from the "ring" silently equally well. I remember there was a time almost any site must also have a piece of Flash Intro, Flash Banner, or at least have a glimpse Flash Navigation. Orders of the customers have to have a little new to Flash, they are the standards of a modern website.

So why Flash back so quick retreat? here are 8 reasons you should not design the site entirely in Flash. In fact Flash is irreplaceable part if you want to make an animated movie, ecard, online games and mobile banner ads. It's better than an animated GIF format for smoother motion and a lot better space. But if you bring Flash to do a complete site, especially the e-commerce site, then that is the biggest mistake you can make when doing site. Someone tells you to do it the site with new Flash Pro, smile and walk before you become a victim of the following.

Flash is very heavy when loaded

With web crushing people like you and me, Dial Up Internet Access in these days is hard to accept. But there are far more "senior officials" also uses the CPU time to the Internet Naponeon Great tea has moderate surf. Then to load a web page designed in Flash is a torture. When you surf the Web to find the information you are interested in bland music Intro section to the minutes it takes to load it? but when loaded, it is something where the whole is not related to the information you need.

Making a Flash page takes time, effort and money

It must be recognized that a Flash site is time consuming, effort and money. With a normal static website you only pay a few million. But with a site made with Flash, you can pay many times and had to wait a long time to complete. However, the latter if you want to change something, you have to pay extra if you do not know anything about Flash. For example, after this you do not want the right-hand navigation bar on the left hand it to make sure you spend a few million to repair.

Depending on your browser's Plugin

This is the era of digital technology and more and more people surf the web using mobile devices. If they visit your site, it will be like? they see only content is "You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content." Oops. Moreover, only the frequent subjects of a new network know how Plugin Install, installation how. For example, your parents are given a web address of a certain product, want to go see what network it is. But no browser plugin, how? how many percent of parents you know how to install the browser plugin? Why do you have to depend on a third party to be able to interact with your readers?

Very unfriendly to search engines

This is a particular point of the Flash page, because the content of that page full of pictures and videos. The search engines at the moment can not know its content about something and therefore can not index sites. A failure on SEO sites that have a 50% failure in all aspects.
Content on the site is not copying

Because most of the text on the page as an image to be copied, you can not. For example you have cited certain part, the only way that you have to type the whole. You have no way to "black out" is out.

No printing is

As well as point of view, because Flash is a picture format so if your clients wish to address in part the company or product information, they also give up because did not know what to do.

Always wait for any further action

A Flash-heavy site, any action you want to do is to wait a few seconds or tens of seconds depending on your network speed. Want to see some pricing information and place of distribution must also .. 23% .. 34% ... 56% .. 78% .. 86% .. oh shoot! Mah outa here.

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