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Super-secret project Google to protect the purity of ads

Google has a secret unit with the task of combating fraud advertising - many Google employees do not even know of their existence. However, AdAge had the opportunity to learn more about this team of 100 people.

Advertising fraud is a serious problem. Internet Advertising Bureau forecast ad fraud can cause wasting brand to 10 billion dollars per year. For Google - currently the largest advertising market in the world - is a challenge not easy. Google requires that ads be purchased through the foundation of it is really accessible to readers as people, rather than a military botnet created by the criminal gangs illegally exploiting information individual users. The gangs have seized a significant amount from the ad ecosystem by creating millions of false clicks on the ads (in addition to other skill games).

Because of the nature, fraudulent advertising is a type of organized crime, many employees work at Google offices in central London when asked had asked only referred to by name (first name) their . A Russian engineer, Sasha, said: "Because it is a kind of organized crime, so I believe this is not a friendly environment for people to speak out against it."

This unit is located behind a "heavy door with a circular grip looks like an arch," AdAge describes, reinforces the aura of mystery surrounding it. The team acts as "one of the secret units are the most important and best security of the whole network," AdAge writes.

Spider.io was sold to Google early last year.

Who led the team against Google's bot is called with the name Douglas de Jager. He founded and then sold to Google Spider.io last year with an undisclosed amount. All seven employees were transferred to Google Spider.io. AdAge said the combination Spider.io and Google's influence has accelerated the process of anti-fraud an incredible way.

But there are a few restrictions: the anti-fraud unit must always pay close attention to Google's sales team in order to avoid conflict of interests. AdAge explains: As you know, advertising development team would "paralyze" if nobody uses services from the Google system. More and sell more advertising, more and earn more money.

Engineers working in a place they described as a "dark dungeon", a binary scan malware in the session lasted 2 hours of continuous, simultaneous search of patterns and clues ransacked from phishers. However, they often leave the dungeon just to have a coffee. After each session, the whole team, "flocking" into Google's famous kitchen, where everything is free, so energized, "and learn to forget," says AdAge.

Finally, Google's team found clear clues for the "signal" - a type of behavior was accidentally created by crooks when we programmed a botnet - can help engineers identify traffic.

Powerdrill is a computing system anomalies. It is capable of handling 500 billion data cells in less than 5 seconds; export that data in the form of charts and other illustrations ways. This demonstrates the ability to detect the abnormal traffic is not human.

AdAge going into details - including a fascinating anecdote about an ad verification services anonymous responsible for traffic are not human in the Google network - about what "squad" of Google is doing and how to combat phishers in your posts.

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