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The power of SEO in marketing digital content

A demonstration of the impaired hits the US The New York Times. According to data published on BuzzFeed chart last year, the New York Times has dropped to 80 million unique visitors directly to the home page at nytimes.com in 2012 and 2013. 2 BuzzFeed also assessed, homepage the newspaper is "dead" gradually. Therefore, SEO (Search Engine Optimization - search engine optimization) as well as behavioral analysis tools readers is what electronic media are very interested now.

SEO: The way of survival website?

Digital content is very dependent on SEO. A lot of websites make use of SEO team to bring their own to a certain position on the search engines, especially Google Search. Of course, given keyword or website peaked at number one and hold this rank is something that people are keen to work towards SEO. The agency wants to increase website hits, and one of the keys to doing that is SEO. Therefore, besides the content, investing in SEO is vital if managing agencies want to attract more website visits, get more interaction from readers.

People make fun digital marketing or traffic referred from Facebook's current account, ie the hits coming and going a tepid way, leaving no trace, and of course almost no return. SEO is different, this is the active marketing tool based on what the user is looking for. For example, as the user is simply refreshing information on the 2018 World Cup, the website comes up with a mouse cursor position. Web sites, brands that will definitely make an impression in the minds bold user ...

The rating of the power of this tool for digital content marketing, said Nguyen Anh Tuan - Director of Marketing Co., SC (SEO Company, www.sccom.vn), a successful business in the field of SEO and overall marketing in Vietnam can share: "with powerful tools like keyword Planner, Google trends and SEO experts have good expertise, the synthesis and analysis of search trends of customers through the keyword very easy. Foreseeing this trend, your business can move accordingly and fastest access to the target customers. "

How to successfully develop a website?

According to Tuan, SEO has and will become an indispensable tool for any website that wants the information to the masses readers. Tuan assessment added: "In order to successfully optimize your rankings in the search engines, in addition to building an own SEO team, which costs time and effort, the company can fully trust in the third service. They have the experience, tools and strategic vision for the implementation of SEO keywords, especially the cost will be much cheaper than the self-build team. Private companies are cooperating with SC major sites in Vietnam ".

"That does not mean the site visits depends only on SEO. But besides that, the content must always be focused so that the new, nine-and readers useful to keep around. Millions of readers get to know you through SEO but they have to stay with you or not is another matter, "Tuan said.

According to statistics from the SC, as of June 2/2015, Vietnam has over 18 million internet users aged 15 and over in the home and office, this is an important target group that aims to SEO tools.

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