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Google also must do SEO

Google is the search giant, holding the most powerful search tools available today. But there is a fact that Google still needs to find ways to increase the grade for the main site on its search engine.

Recently, Google has posted recruitment notices managerial positions SEO strategy. Information requirements and job descriptions are clear Google posted:

"As a strategic management and SEO techniques, you will work in conjunction with the sales department, product development, engineering and some other departments to develop and optimize your website in order improve the rank of website ranking on search engines. "

Because Google has in hand the largest search engine in the world, so many people will find it strange when even this search giant must do SEO on your own stuff. However it is very normal and necessary if it is to compete in a healthy manner.

Previously, Google has been sued for monopoly, the priority display search results of some websites, when in fact the level of assessment of these sites is very low to make a profit for themselves.

Therefore, in order to help the partner website or the websites of its products ranked high in search results, Google also must do SEO. Like all other sites, to ensure fair competition.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization - Optimizing search engines. SEO aims to bring the brand or its products to customers, higher ranked opponents on the search engines with lower costs.

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