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Local SEO Guide - Official Guide from Google

After a lot of questions being posed around Google determines matters of a business rank on search results Map How Local, Google has finally launched an official guide on the local ranking all webmasters and clearer explanation to this question.

Despite what the record is this little guide novelty, and has lots of experts realized this when learning about Local SEO, but it is also a reliable basis for SEO knowledge our local, when there is knowledge not only from empirical.

The local SEO ranking factors including:

1. Relevance - Relevance

Relevance will help Google to assess the suitability of a business address to a user's query. This association is the keyword search information users in the enterprise has declared with Google.

2. Distance - Distance

The distance between a user searches for your business and address (declared with Google) will be a criterion has greatly influenced the ranking of business. Of course, since this is a Local SEO, towards a target group in a specific geographic area.

3. Prominence - The famous

Based on a well-known enterprises like, Google will determine the ranking of that business on a local map.

This popularity is based on the information that Google has about your business, including links, articles, and instruction, ... In addition, the number of assessments and the average score of the enterprises are also used to rank search results table locally.

However, if you have done all the way and did not see her now appears, you should check some of the following information:

What if you can not find your business?

Check carefully the following information hybrid if you can not find your business despite every attempt to optimize local:

1. The information on the enterprise

Based on the information that Google now provides an account from Google Business, the search engine will now assess whether it is related to the search query of the user or not. Therefore, businesses need complete and accurate information related to your business to be ranking.

Sign adequate and regularly updated information about the business, including business operations, business address (including physical address, telephone number, region), type of business, time to open of,…

2. Uptime

Uptime of the enterprise is also a factor that helps Google identify regional business that is suitable for the user. If a user searches on uptime outside of certain businesses, Google will prioritize other enterprises have the ability to meet the needs of users within that period.

So, if you can not find your business, you probably made a mistake in setting up time.

3. Assessment of users will reflect the quality of the business to Google

Google said that customer interactions with the enterprise's business page will reflect the good comments from customers regarding products and services of enterprises. The high quality assessment and positive feedback from your clients will help enterprises "improve the visibility" (visibility) of the business and increase the amount of potential customers looking to now.

Therefore, if there are too many negative reviews, now you can not be matched.

4. Photo of business

You may also not be shown if not forget to post pictures related businesses. Google said that adding photos to your list for the user to see the goods and services you, and can help you increase the more credible in the eyes of the user.

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